Club Mission and Purpose

The purpose and object of the Lone Star Figure Skating Club is to encourage harmony and cooperation in the promotion of and participation in the sport of figure skating by all persons regardless of race, religion, color, age, gender, or national origin; and to 

a)    encourage and maintain the highest standards of integrity in the sport of figure skating. 

b)    encourage the education, practice and advancement of members in all disciplines of figure skating. 

c)    promote a feeling of good will and fraternal spirit among its membership. 

d)    sponsor, produce or cooperate in the production of competitions, exhibitions, and ice shows. 

e)    operate within the guidelines of U.S. Figure Skating. 

f)     perform any other actions as may be necessary, proper or incidental, in the realization of the objects and purposes of this organization.  

g)    maintain effective communication of information to Club members.